Broncos Training Camp: Day Five


Many fans came out to practice in their Elvis Dumervil jerseys. The Broncos should’ve hung a Broncos flag at half staff today. That’s how much Doom will be missed this season. Despite today’s grim news, the team still had a good practice.

Seen And Heard

  • Brian Dawkins and D.J. Williams sat out this afternoon’s practice.
  • During stretching, Kyle Orton yelled over to rookie Demaryius Thomas, “Hey, your jersey’s too clean, man!” Immediately after, the entire team headed over to the southeast part of the practice field where a giant mud pit awaited the rookies. In what has become a ritual for all Broncos rookies (including coaches), the new guys must dive after a loose ball into the mud pit as veterans throw water on them. Showing his intelligence, Tim Tebow went first into the pit before it got too muddy.
  • Wesley Woodyard and Robert Ayers are the Bert and Ernie, the Roger and Ebert, the Simon and Garfunkel of the team. Those two constantly show their enjoyment of the warm-up music by dancing up a storm.
  • Big LenDale White was sporting #26 today. He had a good first day of practice as he broke through some holes for what would’ve been 20-40 yard gains.
  • Referees were out making some calls today. They need the practice too. They ruled an Eddie Royal back corner endzone catch out of bounds. About 5 minutes later, Royal caught a TD pass from Orton and celebrated like it was his first touchdown of the year by jumping up and down with teammates.
  • Champ Bailey was on his game today (when is he not?). He was going head-to-head with Jabar Gaffney for the better part of 11-on-11. He broke up a pass and later had an interception.
  • Tim Tebow is getting much faster at reading the defense on third and short. He’s been tucking the ball to run during those situations. I think this is how Josh McDaniels is going to be using him this season.
  • Matt Prater saw quite a bit of action today. Specialty goal posts were brought onto the field so that his margin of error is smaller. Think basketball player who practices on a special hoop where the rim isn’t as big. That way, during the actual game, the goal is that much bigger.   
  • Jarvis Moss had a great practice both on special teams and at linebacker. He’s got a chance to play a major role on this defense now that Doom has gone down. This could be his breakout year.

Jabar Gaffney (10), Kyle Orton (8), and Brandon Stokley chat during warm-ups.

Andre Goodman warming up.

Special teams getting some reps in at the beginning of practice.

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