Denver Broncos Training Camp: Day Three


Josh McDaniels made sure that the guys went hard today with just one scheduled practice. Throngs of fans were in attendance fanning themselves in the 82 degree weather underneath a shining morning sun. The Broncos were full of energy and hard hits, making good use of their time on the field. As McDaniels spoke to the media, he said:

"“We started well. I thought that the offense finished well in the two minute drive. There were some things in the middle we weren’t real pleased with, but again that’s training camp. We’re making progress in a lot of different areas. It’s hard to come out here as the head coach and feel like you had a great practice because when you’re going against eachother somebody’s always on the losing end… I love our attitude and energy and hopefully we can keep that up.” ("

Seen And Heard

  • The Broncos made good use of their sound system during 11-on-11. Songs were blasted at a high decibel to help both the offense and defense get use to stadium noise. The QBs were forced to shout their audibles so that the O-line wouldn’t jump off sides, and the defense had to concentrate just as hard to keep from making mistakes. Nice use of the equipment to simulate a game-like atmosphere.
  • Many players were once again seen taking a lap for making mistakes during practice. Those making the loop today include TE Richard Quinn (twice), OL Stanley Daniels, RB Kolby Smith, and WR Demaryius Thomas.
  • Darcel McBath got the sole interception today after a tipped pass thrown by Brady Quinn.
  • The most exciting play of the day had to be a 10 yard pass thrown from Tim Tebow to Richard Quinn. As Quinn made his move upfield, Wesley Woodyard stripped him from behind. Alphonso Smith picked up the loose ball and started to run the other way only to be laid out by wideout Matthew Willis.
  • Another nice hit was made by Robert Ayers on Spencer Larsen. I’m sure Smith and Larsen are both hurting this afternoon.  
  • At the end of practice, the team did multiple sets of 100 yard sprints in three groups – 1. Wide receivers/Safeties, 2. Linemen, and 3. Everyone else. Tim Tebow led his group every time. Not far behind him was Brady Quinn. If nothing else, it’s evident that Tebow is putting in the work.

Perrish Cox defending Eric Decker.

Lining up at Dove Valley.

Eric Decker makes the catch.

Kyle Orton signing for fans after practice.

Brady Quinn signing for fans.

Everyone wants Eddie Royal’s signature.

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