Let The Broncos Defensive Line Live


Over at NFLMocks.com, they are breaking down team needs by division. Today, they’ve taken on the AFC West. For the Broncos, they say that we need a defensive end, a nose tackle, and an inside linebacker.

"“They need to address their defensive end position because the combination of Jarvis Green and Justin Bannan just won’t do.  Green is solid but in order for a 3-4 defensive scheme to work properly it needs good production from both end positions.  In the offseason Denver added nose tackle Jamal Williams who was let go by the San Diego Chargers.  The reason the Chargers let Williams go was his age and extensive injury history.  While Williams might be able to hold down the fort for a season or two the Broncos need to get some young blood at the position if they intend on sticking with the 3-4 defense.  Lastly they need to get youth and talent at the inside linebacker position.  DJ Williams is a good player but Mario Haggan could be replaced.” (NFL Mocks)"

Addressing the front three situation, yes, the new signees up front are old and have had injury problems. However, each one comes from a well established AFC 3-4 defense in Baltimore (Bannan), San Diego (Williams), and New England (Green). They are an upgrade from last year’s front three in that they’re bigger and more experienced. Last year, teams that could run the ball remotely well had outstanding games against the Broncos. I am currently having flashbacks to a particular Chiefs game right now. With the new investment up front, I believe the Broncos run defense will be better.

At inside linebacker, NFL Mocks claims that we need someone better than Mario Haggan opposite D.J. Williams. Wesley Woodyard also lined up at that position a bit last year, and he’s an up and comer. This will be his third season in the league and I can see him getting more than just action on special teams. After having to adjust to McD’s 3-4 in just his 2nd season in the league, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him step his game up. While this may be a position that could draw some attention in next year’s draft, I don’t believe it’s an immediate concern for the team. With a stronger front three, both inside linebackers should have career years.

Just because we haven’t seen this new defense perform yet doesn’t neccessarily mean that we have pressing needs there.

Keep the defensive faith. The Enver Broncos will once again become the Denver Broncos. Emphasis on the ‘D’.

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