Denver Broncos And The Emergency QB


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Who will be the Denver Broncos #3 or “emergency” QB? That’s an important issue to consider when looking at the “Tebow Factor.”

Len Pasquarelli of looked at the importance of the NFL QB rules and who the Broncos will list at the #2 and #3 spot. Not many people know this, but if a team uses its 3rd QB before the 4th quarter, then the team’s other two QBs are prohibited from entering the game at any position at any time.

This rule could present a pillar in Josh McDaniels’ game plan. Tim Tebow could be used in the Wildcat formation. However, he either needs to be listed at another position or be listed as the team’s #2 QB if McDaniels wants Kyle Orton or Brady Quinn to replace him.

According to Pasquarelli,

"“There were 256 regular-season games in 2009, and thus 512 instances in which teams had an opportunity to utilize three quarterbacks. Yet there were only seven instances in which a club used three quarterbacks, and only three times in which all three of a club’s quarterbacks registered pass attempts in the same game, according to official game documents.  The Philadelphia Eagles, because of the presence of Michael Vick as a Wildcat specialist of sorts, were the only club to use all three quarterbacks in a game more than once. And the Eagles never had all three quarterbacks — Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb and Vick — attempt a pass in the same contest. Kolb was designated the No. 3 quarterback for 11 games, but was only nominally so, as evidenced by the fact that he started the two contests for which McNabb was injured.” ("

We’ll be able to get a better read regarding which order the QBs will be listed once training camp begins and once we get to see how the “Chosen Three” are firing in preseason games. Until then, let the speculation continue…