Ryan Clady Sustains Serious Injury


Source: Yardbarker

Did selecting three offensive linemen in the draft put a curse on the Broncos?

Pro Bowl left tackle, Ryan Clady, suffered what is reportedly a serious knee injury. He hurt his patella tendon in a non-football related activity. I’m having flashbacks to an off season incident related to Brandon Marshall and a television set.

I’m sure Clady wasn’t careless, and we hope the injury isn’t too serious and doesn’t set him back for off season training. However, the topic of off season injuries brings me to a point that I want to make. NFL organizations and fans expect players to not only take care of themselves in the off season, but come back the next season rested and in better form. Sometimes that doesn’t happen whether it’s a player who hasn’t rested enough or a player who has trained too hard and sustains an off season injury. That kind of stuff makes teams/fans irritated, but we know it’s part of the game and these players learn how to care for their bodies as their careers progress.

There are also the players who sustain an injury as a result of participating in reckless off season activities. Would I like to see Knowshon Moreno hitting the slopes at Vail for some spring skiing? No. How about Jabar Gaffney cruising around on a motorcycle without a helmet on? Hell no!

These guys deserve to enjoy their time off as much as the next employee, however, they still have a responsibility to care for their bodies year round.

Until more information comes out about Clady’s injury, I’m going to hope for the best, but be open to the possibility that one or more of those three draft selections could be replacing him on the line.

We got Zane Beadles (Utah), center J.D. Walton (Baylor), and Eric Olsen (Notre Dame) to complete for playing time on the line. Each guy can play either side of the line and Walton and Olsen give the Broncos some options at the center position.

These rookies may have to mature into NFL pros a little faster than we thought.