Tim Tebow: From Gator To Bronco


Another famous QB has landed in Denver. Tim Tebow will stick to the orange and blue colors that he became so familiar with at Florida. The Broncos drafted him with the 25th pick and many experts were proven wrong about Tebow’s placement in the draft.

The Broncos were reportedly very impressed with the young gun. I think that phone call from Josh McDaniels also signals Kyle Orton’s ticket out of town. As a former quarterbacks coach, Josh McDaniels focused in on Tebow for a reason. His workouts were good and his character is top notch. He recognizes a need for change at the position and the competition has been brought in. For a team that saw 56% of the QBs throws go less than 10 yards last season, it’s clear that offense was a top priority in the early rounds of this draft. 

The Broncos filled their “sexy” positions with their first two picks of the draft. Their next need comes in the form of an offensive lineman, so stay tuned in.