Darrell Reid Opts For Unique Procedure To Repair Knee


Darrell Reid, an important guy on special teams and a backup linebacker, underwent surgery on his left knee this week. The Denver Post reports that

"“He bypassed microfracture surgery, opting instead for a unique operating procedure that had only been performed on one other NFL player.”"

Being a medical writer, I’m curious as hell to learn about the surgery he had to repair the cartilage damage in his knee. He will still miss the entire off season which makes me wonder why he opted for this unique procedure.

Anyway, in the off season when an NFL player in injured, he has the choice to use the team’s doctors/surgeons or he can seek second or third opinions from doctors of the player’s choosing. Every NFL team hires its own group of team physicians. There are also numerous trainers that work under these physicians on the sidelines. Because the team has hired these doctors, a player’s relationship with the doctor may be complicated. The doctor’s number one concern should be the player’s overall health, but the issue of getting a player back on to the field as soon as possible is a concern since the team hired the physician. As a result, there’s a greater chance that the player’s overall health may be overlooked.

If I were a professional athlete, I would do the same thing Darrell Reid did and get a second opinion. No one is going to look after your body like you would. That’s why doing your own research pays off and gives you a better chance at leading an active lifestyle after your playing days are over.

Here’s wishing Darrell Reid a full and speedy recovery.

H/T: USA Today