Great NFL Conference Championship Scenario

By Editorial Staff

I have to say, for the Broncos not making it to the playoffs this year, I am still thoroughly interested in what’s going on in the NFL. With the exception of the Jets, the three other teams that have made it to the conference championship game were expected to do so.

As far as I’m concerned, the Jets are the Cinderella story of post season play this season. They were 4-6 after week 11, and picked up steam as they closed out their season. The media made fun of Rex Ryan’s approach to coaching and Mark Sanchez’s approach to eating hot dogs on the sidelines. Right now, however, they are the team that could shock the world.

The other three teams still in it have been favorites throughout the season. Under Peyton Manning, Indianapolis looked to be a team that would go 16-0 until the Jets easily won in week 16. New Orleans has been touted as the team to beat in the NFC after starting 13-0. Minnesota has been the media’s favorite all season with Brett Favre at the reins.

I would love to see a Saints-Jets Super Bowl in Miami. Either one of those teams winning the title would be a great story, and the game itself would be filled with entertaining storylines. As we close out the ’09 NFL season, I can predict a fantastic finish from any one of these four teams. They have peaked at the right time and now the only question is which team will be able to hold it together the longest.

Even though we won’t see the Broncos take the field for another seven months, you can’t ask for a better end to the season.

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