Offensive Change For The Broncos

By Editorial Staff

The Broncos are in need of change. The #1 position where I would like to see it is at quarterback. That doesn’t necessarily mean we need a new QB – just a QB with a new outlook, or maybe I should say a coach with a new strategy.

There’s no doubt that the offense struggled this year. One thing that Josh McDaniels wanted in a QB was a game manager – someone that played mistake free football – a bus driver rather than an Indy 500 racer. In theory, it’s a nice idea. Keep the ball moving down the field by throwing conservative passes. This year, however, the term “conservative” meant short. More than half (56%) of Orton’s passes went for 10 yards or less. 

When the offense struggled, it was McD’s decision to continue running the same type of offense. Defenses were easily able to predict what the Broncos were going to do. The Broncos threw short and never ran out of the shotgun. That’s why there were so many 3 and outs and so any red zone issues.

At this point, it’s not looking better for next season. Our three main targets most likely won’t be back. Brandon Marshall is gone as is Tony Scheffler. 12 of the team’s 21 receiving touchdowns were by these two guys. It’s unknown if Brandon Stokley will return next year and he had 4 of the team’s 21  receiving TDs. 

The big question is where was Eddie Royal this year? Besides handling kick returns, he was silent in the Broncos offense. He was 4th on the team in receiving yards and never had a receiving touchdown. If you had told me that would happen in his 2nd season, after the rookie year he had, I would’ve told you that you’re crazy.

The bottom line is the Broncos need to sign a big name receiver to try to fill the void that Marshall’s departure brings. Once they do that, they need to implement an offense that takes more chances downfield. It keeps a defense honest and opens things up for a running game.

The Broncos’ offense became so predictable that after the first 6 games, other teams figured out how to stop them. The NFL is about making adjustments throughout the season. Teams that are successful at doing this make it into the playoffs. Teams that aren’t are, well, sitting around the T.V. watching the playoffs.

Bring on the change, the adjustments, and a more well rounded Broncos team. It’s what a fan deserves.