Why Being A Broncos Fan Is Better Than Being A Redskins Fan

By Editorial Staff

As if their season couldn’t get any worse, I’ve got 10 good reasons.

1. The only bright spot for the Skins’ this season? Chris Cooley’s bleached hair.

2. Head coach Jim Zorn will spend the next year dusting shame off of his resume.

3. The Skins’ may outwork the members of Congress, but all they’ve got to show for it is two wins.

4. How do you guarantee a Lions win? Let them play the Redskins?

5. I heard Dan Snyder is thinking about hiring Tom Cruise to coach next season. His reason why: He can afford him.

6. Elvis Dumervil may not play on Sunday against the Redskins. Only because he’s merciful. (Kidding – there’s no doubt he’s playing.)

7.  The NFL Players Association has formed a committee to address the issue of head trauma among players. And among Skins’ fans.

8. Clinton Portis defended Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring. After bad performances, Portis probably lobbies for some members of the Skins’ to be put down.

9. Skins’ fans aren’t allowed to bring homemade signs into FedEx Field anymore because they hinder the view of the game. I thought that was considered a perk of going to the game.

10. London Fletcher threw up on the sidelines during the game against the Eagles. You can be sure it was due to seeing his team play.

Go Broncos!