Catching Up With Cutler

By Editorial Staff

Jay Cutler went on ESPN Radio in Chicago yesterday. Among other things he talked about how the Broncos are doing this year and why he thinks Kyle Orton is performing so well. He says this about Orton and if he’s performing so well because of a change of scenery:

"“I don’t know. This league is funny. It’s all about timing, you could be one of the best players in the league but if you’re not in the right system and you don’t have the right people around you ..There is just a lot of different aspects that go into making a player or breaking a player. So right now it’s working for Kyle, it’s working for Josh, it’s working for the Broncos, they have a good thing going.”  (Sports Radio Interviews)"

To listen to the interview, click here.

To change gears a bit, Direct TV is putting on the Ultimate Displaced Fan Search. They are looking for the craziest most-die hard fan that lives outside his/her team’s market place. Candidates can submit essays, pictures and videos to illustrate why they are the Ultimate Displaced Fan! The grand prize winner will win a Super Bowl week prize package that includes: an all-expense paid trip to the Super Bowl, two tickets to the Super Bowl, a media tour with one of the star players from their favorite team and the opportunity to play in the nationally televised DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl with former NFL players and celebrities.

Last year, they had contestants who remodeled their garage to mimic their favorite team’s stadium, a couple who got married at a game, and a women who paddled through Hurricane Katrina to find a place where she could see her favorite team’s game.

I live in Denver so that counts me out, but I know many of you are huge Broncos fans from out of state. Think you can win? Enter the contest here.