Broncos Beat Cowboys To Go 4-0


It’s a good thing we have planes nowadays or else it would be a long horseback ride back to Texas for these Cowboys. I really don’t know where to start except with what we’ve been talking about all season. Defense!

It was fitting that Champ Bailey knocked down a potential game tying pass from Tony Romo (at the 2 yard line) since they threw towards him 16 times during the game. Did the Cowboys not get the scouting report? Bailey showed why he is a Pro Bowl player and future Hall of Famer. The Champ is here! Why the Cowboys didn’t run it on that play, I don’t know. I can hear Jerry Jones grinding his teeth on the way to the airport.

This Broncos defense is so intense, sacking Romo 5 times (2 sacks from Dr. Doom), forcing a fumble, and coming up with an interception. The defense almost, almost made me forget about how bad our offense was playing and how many penalties we accumulated. Brian Dawkins continues to lead this defense into “Orange Crush” status. Today, he delivered the big hits at the right times, and got the team energized. The defense obviously kept the Broncos in it since Kyle Orton looked like he had a blindfold on in the first half. It’s hard to believe he went 20-29 for 243 yards considering every time 3rd down rolled around, half the offense was already walking back to the bench. We went 2-10 on third down conversions, and 0-1 on a frustrating 4th down attempt. The penalties could have eaten us alive (10 penalties for 81 yards), but the Cowboys committed 7 of their own for 70 yards lost. Nonetheless, everything turned out okay!

The big play of the game came from our “delinquent receiver.” Brandon Marshall caught a 51 yard TD pass and made an outstanding effort to get himself into the endzone. I think it was the pink gloves! People were saying what a great practice he had on Friday, so hopefully that shows him that effort gets results.

I am too excited to go into any more detail, and I know most of you saw the game on T.V., so I’m going to raise the virtual beer glass, and say cheers! Stay tuned for more Broncos coverage!