Why Being A Broncos Fan Is Better Than Being A Cowboys Fan


It’s that time of the week. Here are 10 reasons why being a Broncos fan is better than being a Cowboys fan.

1. It takes a full team to beat the Broncos, but one blonde singer to beat the Cowboys.

2. The only reason the new Cowboys Stadium has Astroturf is to keep their fans from grazing.

3. Parking at Cowboys Stadium, a.k.a. “The Jones-Mahal” is $75 per game. I could get a great SEAT inside Invesco for that price.

4. The Cowboys got our leftovers in Montrae Holland – the guy who every time he got the urge to exercise, laid down until the feeling passed.

5. Shouldn’t their offensive line belong in a retirement center? With a combined 45 years of experience, they jump offsides just so they won’t forget where they’re going.

6. When bail money doesn’t count against the salary cap, it’s just as good as winning the Super Bowl.

7. Before the team got 2 INTs on Monday night, their pass defense was so bad that even Bob Barker considered putting them to sleep.

8. A season ending injury to Tony Romo would be the catalyst for a 13 game losing streak because Jon Kitna has been busy planning his Halloween costume since training camp. 

9. The depth chart for defensive coaches looks like this: 1. Dave Campo 2. Wade Philips 3. Johnnie Cochran

10. Three words: “E.T. phone T.O.”