Broncos Links


A big weekend in football = a big link dump, so let’s get it started with the Broncos:

– The Broncos can take away many valuable lessons from the win against the Bengals.

– The Bengals, especially Ochocinco, are having a hard time swallowing this loss.

– Before Sunday’s game, fans in the Denver area were acting like the team already lost. What’s up with that?

– Practices will focus on getting the offense off to a better start.

– For Josh McDaniels, coaching runs in the blood.

– The Broncos and the Colorado State Lottery have teamed up with a Broncos themed lotto ticket where you can win some great Broncos prizes.

– A great summary of Josh McDaniels’ quotes about the game.

Brian Dawkins knows how to get a defense fired up.

This article is from a few years ago, but it gives us a better glimpse into the life of Brandon Stokley.

AFC West

– Matt Cassel might be one of the most boring QBs around, so Style Points spiced up his story.

Statistically speaking, the Chiefs shouldn’t have been in the game against the Ravens, but they were. How?

– The Raiders almost took out the Chargers! What!? Here’s a sweet recap.

Shawne Merriman is off the hook. Now he can focus on the season.  

– Here’s a glimpse into the mind of Al Davis and Co. through his trade chart cheat sheet.


The MNF refs wore their throwback uniforms that reminded people of a certain fast food chain restaurant.

– There are some athletes that you want to hate, but just can’t. Case in point: Derek Jeter.

– Another case in point: Michael Jordan – The Greatest of All Time.  

– Speaking of M.J., Derek Jeter, Dwayne Wade, and Carmello Anthony sent him congratulation videos.

– A hilarious NFL – Separated at Birth list.

– The Candy Man, Lamar Odom, finds something sweet about Kim Kardashian.

– The Bears are “considering some drastic measures to replace Urlacher”.

– The Bills loss to the Patriots last night left them speechless.