Broncos Fans: Buckle Up And Hold On Tight


All is as it should be in Bronco land. Brandon Marshall is at practice and keeping his mouth shut, QBs are healing and Kyle Orton expects to start, and the defense has some turnover-producing confidence after last week’s game against Arizona. Stop and smell the roses if you wish, but this Sunday’s game is a must win for the Broncos. While Chad Ochocinco deliberates on what he will tweet to fans during the game, the Broncos will be focusing on getting their toughest season to date off on a good note.  

Anything and everything will be under intense scrutiny for the Broncos this season. Brandon Marshall’s performance and how it relates to his contract situation. Josh McDaniels’ ability as a head coach and possibly the issue of why head coaches who once had success under Belichick cannot thrive in their own systems. Mike Shanahan’s departure. Kyle Orton v. Jay Cutler. Kyle Orton v. Chris Simms. Kyle Orton and his ability to deal with criticism. The 3-4 v. the 4-3. Elvis Dumervil’s switch to outside linebacker. Champ Bailey’s desire for a Super Bowl ring before he retires. Pat Bowlen’s off season moves and what future moves we may need to duck and cover from.

Guys like Skip Bayless, Woody Paige, and every announcer that does the Broncos games will speculate on why the Broncos are a success or a complete failure. The story lines run as deep as Albert Haynesworth’s pockets. One thing is certain: This team needs to ignore the speculation of the media and win the winnable games; The games against the Bengals, Browns, Chiefs, and Raiders. Playing well in those games at least gives us hope against teams like the Eagles, Colts, and Chargers. A winning streak carries a lot of weight that guides momentum in the right direction. 

It’s very easy to get down on the team even before the season begins. With all the shenanigans we’ve had to watch off the field to all the beastly performances we’ve witnessed on the field in preseason action, it’s a good thing we’ve got such great and loyal fans – truly some of the best in the league. Imagine the (insert NFL team of your choosing) going through this. There may be dips in attendance at home games or drops in team apparel purchases. Not Broncos fans! Invesco will be just as thunderous, and I already see a plethora of Brian Dawkins and Eddie Royal jerseys around town.

From now on, I’m focusing on one game at a time – just like the Broncos should. Looking at our daunting schedule can be so overwhelming that I tend to break out in hives and a cold sweat if I look past September. With that said, check back tomorrow for an in depth analysis of the Broncos v. Bengals matchup. The kickoff of that game is what we’ve all been looking forward to ever since the Chargers stomped us like the puny grapes we were in December of last year.

A new NFL season is upon us, so hold on tight for one hell of a ride!