Verdict: Marshall Suspension Justified


I watched him practice. I saw it coming. The dropped (catchable) balls, the lack of enthusiasm, distancing himself from the other receivers and QBs, his inability refusal to learn the playbook. Check, check, check, and check. Don’t send him his check let alone give him a new contract. A squeaky wheel may get the oil, but the diva-like behavior of an NFL receiver should get him a seat on the wood. He (in white, pads off) likes to stand on the sideline anyway these days. 

I applaud the Broncos for suspending a guy like Brandon Marshall. He’s not above the organization, and even if this seems like another Stephon Marbury v. New York Knicks situation where the team is paying him to sit on the bench, at least we’re not condoning his behavior. We’re putting guys out on the field who work hard in practice and want to play the game of football even if they don’t have the same amount of pure talent as Marshall. Why is it always the wide receivers who create the most drama? Forget about Brett Favre and Michael Vick for the moment. Guys like T.O., Randy Moss (a few years ago), and Chad Ochocinco need the spotlight. Apparently, Marshall does too. The position that draws guys to the endzone and gives them the highlights on Sports Center also draws them to more drama than a Rosie O’Donnell v. Donald Trump feud.

 Marshall confuses the hell out of me. He tells Michael Irvin on his show that as long as he can play, that’s the most important thing. I’ll tell you that if he had half the passion that Brain Dawkins has for the game, I’d be much more likely to cut Marshall a break. The truth is he’s had two incredible seasons and he’s a Beast on the field, but don’t start calling him the Almighty Marshall yet. Half the battle for a football team is getting guys to click on and off the field. If he’s not willing to work on himself in those two areas at this time, he doesn’t deserve to be out there. You would think he’d ride out this season, perform well, and see what’s available around the league after the season is over. We all know he’s going to get a huge contract somewhere, eventually.

I’m willing to say that if the behavior continues, trade him away this season. I know we already lost Cutler and losing Marshall would take a lot away from the offense, but if he doesn’t want to be here, reap some benefit from his departure even if the payout for us is a couple years down the road. Punt that one into the NFL history books.    

What should the Broncos do with Marshall? Drop a line below.