Jay Cutler’s Return To Mile High


All joking aside, Jay Cutler’s return to Denver is going to be memorable. It’s almost like a class reunion where the most popular jock of the class comes back to his former school only to see that things have changed dramatically. A new coach, a new defense, Brandon Marshall’s absence, fans booing him, a different air in the city that once regarded him as The Coming of the next you know who. 

It’s not going to be easy for Cutler to breathe easy upon his return. And I’m not talking about altitude here. He’s going to hear it from the crowd and from the media. Don’t get me wrong. I think Broncos fans are over his dramatic departure. Sure, we still want to burn or shred jerseys, but that’s only to signify the end of his time here. Had he won us a Super Bowl and then moved to Chicago, I would gladly wear my Cutler jersey to the game. We’ve moved on. Evidence of that comes in the form of our close following of the media coverage of Kyle Orton and Chris Simms. Believe me when I say we’re more interested in what they’re doing at Dove Valley than what Cutler is doing in Chi town. Sure, his play this season will peak curiosity. We may check his stats at the end of every game, but it’s not like we’re stalking an old boyfriend/girlfriend after the breakup. It’s more like we’re asking around to see if they’re dating anyone we know. Don’t get that confused with jealousy. Like I said, just curiosity. 

Cutler was kind enough to give credit to Josh McDaniels for his football intelligence and to tell everyone that both sides have moved on. Atta boy, Cutler, for treating that bad case of verbal diarrhea you had going.

One question remains. Will this preseason game put an end to all the hype surrounding the Cutler trade or will it fuel the fire? Depending on that answer, I may have to fling my jersey into the flame.