The Good: -The defense spread the wealth nicely with ..."/>  The Good: -The defense spread the wealth nicely with ..."/>  The Good: -The defense spread the wealth nicely with ..."/>

Broncos Preseason Game Breakdown


 The Good:

-The defense spread the wealth nicely with Champ Bailey, D.J. Williams, Spencer Larsen, and Josh Barrett all recording 5 tackles. Dancing diva Kenny Peterson came through with 2 sacks while D.J. Williams had 1 sack.

Kyle Orton had 177 yards in the first half, and scored on the Broncos first two possessions.

Matt Prater nailed a 53 yard field goal.

– The offensive line did not allow a sack, which has become standard these days. That’s one of my favorite parts about this offense.

– The team has become much more comfortable with the offense, and how it should be run during a game. I really thought that McD would let the first stringers off easy tonight, but I’m glad to see he didn’t.

The Bad:

– Kyle Orton’s left handed pass. If you haven’t mastered the QB position with your dominant hand, why try the weak hand? Some would say he had nothing to lose, but had he taken the sack or incomplete pass, the defense would’ve had a shot at a safety.

Brandon Marshall’s absence. The team left him back because he “doesn’t know the playbook.” My question is what the hell was he reading while he was flying to and from Atlanta, and nursing his hamstring back to health? There’s obviously some serious internal politics going on there.

Kenny McKinley and Tony Scheffler both fumbled the ball. It’s one thing to catch it, it’s another thing to hold on to it. Keep it locked in, guys.

– The defense allowed 3 receiving TDs.

– Josh McDaniels’ offense is so complex that sometimes the guys have trouble with getting accustomed to which personnel should take the field. They blew their last timeout early in the first half, and even had to take a penalty to avoid using a timeout.

Up next: Da Bears!