Broncos Have Mc-Defense

By Editorial Staff

The team is relieved to finally have a day off after 12 straight practices without a breather. Josh McDaniels is calling it a “mental health” day, and the guys will return to practice tomorrow. A lot has happened over the past week. The team got their first scrimmage in, rookies Robert Ayers and Knowshon Moreno finally signed, Brian Dawkins had surgery, Eddie Royal has suddenly become the #1 receiver, and the defense already appears much better than last year’s defense.

Things are looking good for being a week into training camp. We can credit McD and his coaching staff for the intense practices and overall business type of atmosphere. Besides seeing McD twirl his whistle around, you will also him get into the mix during drills. There aren’t too many head coaches that will do that. In this video shot earlier this week, McD (tan shorts, gray shirt, white hat on far end of the end zone) plays a little defense on the receivers in the end zone.

He did that for the entire drill. Not that it took a lot of effort on his part, but I think it’s good for his players to see him get involved like that. It shows that he really cares about individual improvement, and is willing to take the steps to correct individual mistakes by not just pointing them out in the film room or from afar. From what I can tell, players have taken to Coach McD’s style and they have a lot of respect for the guy. How can you not? He’s already won 3 Super Bowl rings!

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