Jay Cutler Disrespects Denver Fans


The drama king is back grabbing headlines in Denver. This time, Jay Cutler commented on the loyalty of fans that show up for Bears practices compared to Broncos practices.

"“In Denver, we didn’t have this many fans at all. We weren’t even able to accommodate that many fans (at practice). That’s Chicago Bears fans for you. They’re proud of their Bears.”"

Of course you’re going to have more fans show up at practice, genius! Chicago’s metropolitan population is about 9.5 million while Denver’s is 2.5 million. Inevitably you’re going to have more people show up to Bears practices.

The more striking part of this interview was when Cutler said,

"“It’s a lot (different). Denver’s like a 6 and Chicago’s like a 9. It’s a quite bit different. Just the fans and how passionate they are, that’s probably the biggest difference.” (Denver Post)"

There’s no question that Chicago is a great sports town. They’re passionate about all their teams, even the Cubs, but that’s not what I’m addressing here. What I want to talk about is Cutler’s need for attention. Well Cutler, your personality is a 6, your ability to convert in the red zone is a 6, your interview skills are a 6 (you know, you know, you know), and your haircut – well, I’ll just leave that one alone.

The guy is in some serious need of attention. If I were him, I’d be concerned about my season right now and focus on that area of my life. Why introduce more drama into your life by giving an answer like that in an interview. Even if you have ill feelings towards a city that you previously played in, you give the typical athlete answer, and say “fans in both cities are great, I’m happy to be in Chicago.” That’s what most athletes would’ve said, but Cutler thinks his shit doesn’t stink, so he made those remarks.

Most fans in Denver loved Cutler, and even stood up for his childish antics this off season. We wanted him to stay, talked him up, and called Pat Bowlen and Josh McDaniels ignorant when they made the trade. Now I can honestly say, as a passionate Broncos fan, I don’t want a guy like that representing my Broncos. After all, the Broncos are a stand-up organization that Cutler doesn’t deserve to be a part of.