The Broncos Season Is One Of Many Questions


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As the Broncos rookies, QBs, and Brandon Marshall (hopefully) report to training camp today, everyone else has a few more days before practice officially begins. I think the state of Colorado is backing this year’s team, as the weather this week will hover in the mid to upper 70s – the perfect temperature to dig some cleats into the ground and get to work on a season that evokes many questions. How will Josh McDaniels do as a head coach? Was getting rid of Jay Cutler the right move? Will the defense improve? And the list goes on and on. All we can do is speculate right now, but as training camp meshes into the pre-season, and pre-season collides into the regular season, many questions will be answered.

I can’t lie. With the exception of May, June, and part of July, I’m in football mode for most of the year. Many Denver fans are. The Broncos are arguably the biggest professional sports team in the state and region. With Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming, Kansas, and Nebraska not having an NFL team, many people from those areas are big Broncos fans. I’m from Utah, and I’ve followed the Broncos since I was 8 years old. Mike Shanahan was always such a fixture on the sidelines for me, and I’m a little nervous to see another coach take over my team. Throw in a new QB, and many other fresh faces, plus a very difficult schedule, and that heightens the anxiety.

One thing that is comforting is the fact that McD is going to work his tail off. He’s going to get creative with the play calling, and I don’t think he’s the type of coach who will let guys off easy in practice or in the film room. It should be an exciting season for this team. In a recent interview with the Denver Post, McD said,

"“There are things we will do (offensively) that other teams have never done….”The interesting thing is people talk about our offense and kind of stereotype it as this quote spread or shotgun offense, but . . . we definitely will find different ways to make defenses work to get ready for us…We want to dictate to defenses.”"

Now if we can just get our defense to dictate offenses, we’ll be in good shape.