Weekly Broncos Links


Starting with our team:

Brandon Marshall assures everyone that he’ll be in great shape no matter what NFL jersey he’s wearing.

– If Marshall leaves the Broncos, who is going to step up. Here’s Plan B.

– Rookie tight end, Richard Quinn, shows us what life is like for a first year player in the offseason.

– Former Broncos QB, Brian Griese, was released by the Tampa Bay Bucs today.

Kyle Orton, Brandon Stokley, and Rulon Davis met with troops at Peterson AirForce Base.

– Bronco Talk will be getting to know Kyle Orton much better.  

Other links:

– Fan Addict compares great athletes to rappers.

– There’s a lot of grunting in tennis. Serena Williams talked with David Letterman about the issue.

– If I dunked on LeBron James I would wear this T-shirt. Turns out Conan O’Brien found the missing tape.

– Here are the “Top 10 Chicago Sports Moments of the Last Decade.” 

– Looking to get the abs of an athlete in a flash? Try this.

This is what you can do if you have a pool, basketball hoop, and deck in your backyard.

– I thought he would’ve been able to throw a decent first pitch.

– Speaking of baseball, President Obama will be in the broadcast booth at tonight’s MLB  All-Star game.