Weekly Broncos Links


It’s that time of the week again. Here are some Broncos links followed by other interesting links:

– ESPN called the Broncos the least popular sports franchise in Denver. I beg to differ.

– Broncos training camp opens to the public at the end of the month. Here’s the schedule.  

– Could Travis Henry get off light on his drug trafficking chargers? It’s possible if he was just the “money guy.”

– It seems like Robert Ayers was a good pick in the draft. He may be starting this year.

– The host of 850 KOA’s game day coverage, Mike Rice, gives us his thoughts on 2009 Broncos so far.  

– Adam Schefter says on his Twitter page that the Broncos are listening to offers for Brandon Marshall. It’s written on July 1st at 11:12 AM.

Eddie Royal spoke at the Rookies Symposium. Here’s a video.  

Here are some other links:

– Which athletes are past their prime? Check out “Ice Age Athlete: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs.”

– How about a little Shaq-Gary Coleman history.

– Who is going to win the NBA Championship next year? Odds are with the Lakers and Cavs. Here are the rest of the odds.

– Ever think about being Commissioner for a day? Here are some possible changes to make in the NFL.

Steve McNair will always be remembered.  

– Check out “NBA Trades: Summer Box Office Style Trades.”

Lance Armstrong got busted for cheating at the Tour de France, but it’s not what you think.

– Not really sports related, but this is funny.  

– Thinking about traveling with your favorite team? Give this a read.

– The MLB All-Star Roster is set and the game will be played in St. Louis.