Broncos Change Workout Up


 Someone once told me that if you do the same thing you’ve always done, then you’ll get the same things you’ve always gotten. That’s why the Broncos changed up their off season work out routine last week. Regular torture can be masochistic when you run (or crawl) blechers under the strong Colorado sun at about 6,200 feet above sea level. 

Many people including myself go to Red Rocks Amphitheater to work out in a venue that seats 10,000 people. I go because I live in right downtown and like to escape to the more peaceful mountains at least twice per week. The scenery is amazing, and the bleachers provide me enough to do to train for the NYC marathon. Surprisingly, at Fan Fair, when new players were asked if they had the chance to explore the surrounding area, most replied that they haven’t had enough time. The coaching staff/trainers planned the Red Rocks “field trip” perfectly. I’m sure it gets boring working out at Dove Valley day after day. Plus, their  bodies get fairly used to lifting weights, sprinting, and doing the standard exercises. I guarantee that there were at least a few players who were sore for a few days after their workout at Red Rocks.  Here are some entertaining pictures from the workout: