A Case For Brandon Marshall


Wow, things are really slowing down in the realm of sports. The NBA and NHL have crowned their champions, the MLB is nearing the middle of its long drawn out season, and the NFL is more busy dealing with players’ legal issues than the game itself. All we really have going on right now it the U.S. Open, but even that drags on over the weekend. Plus, it’s golf so how excited can we really get until Sunday afternoon? Unless Tiger Woods is defending his Championship or Phil Mickelson is duking it out on the last hole that day, most of the country doesn’t give a crap.

I digress. I don’t need sports to entertain me, and I certainly don’t need any drama between the Broncos and Brandon Marshall to keep me on my toes. Yes, Marshall is underpaid as a football player. However, he’s going about the situation all wrong. Why not solidify your status as Pro Bowl receiver with a 3rd straight year of large numbers? Then, after the season is over and your rookie contract expires, shop your options, or should I say, let you’re options shop you? By pulling this now, Marshall is only hurting himself. He’s putting a dent in the relationship that he’s built with the Broncos, and turning his new coach off with each day that he holds out. Beyond that, Marshall is becoming a turnoff to other teams that would be interested in him next year. They’re not going to offer you as much money on  a larger contract if you’re pulling this crap, Brandon.  

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to see Marshall step off Colorado soil and play for another team. If he were to go somewhere else this season,  it would break my heart and the hearts of many Broncos fans. Bottom line: Pat Bowlen and Co. need to do whatever they can to keep him here for at least another year. We’ve already lost out long time coach and Pro Bowl QB. We can’t handle another hit to this ship. I know Marshall’s not the Rod Smith type of guy off the field – and that’s exactly why many fans would welcome his departure. He’s seen as a disaster waiting to happen – another PacMan if you will. But this PacMan can actually play the game of football. And we need this PacMan for a new Broncos team that has yet to establish itself.

Lets hear it, fans. What’s your opinion on the situation?