Bran-Done In Denver?


Many of you know that it’s been reported that Brandon Marshall wants to be traded out of Denver. Based on reports, Marshall:

"“Skipped Denver’s mandatory minicamp last weekend, walked out of the meeting [with Pat Bowlen] with several boxes of belongings and didn’t speak with reporters as he drove out of the team’s parking lot.”"

I don’t know if Marshall will return to Denver. He did seem very willing to play for Josh McDaniels. The thing that’s turning him away from the situation is money, of course. Perhaps he stayed in Orlando to rehab his hip inorder to prevent the Broncos organization from seeing him before he attempted to renegotiate his contract. The team knows he has pending legal issues, a history with the law, and nagging injuries. Despite that, I don’t think the Broncos are as ready to let Marshall walk as they were Jay Cutler which seems bizarre to me. Would you release a young talented QB before a young talented WR who is constantly involved with the law and has nagging injuries? I’m going to let this situation play out a little bit before I go into any more detail.   

The team signed free agent WR Brandon Lloyd  today who ironically played in Chicago last season with Kyle Orton

I was in Chicago last weekend, and saw a guy wearing this after a Cubs game:

I talked to a lot of Bears fans who are obviously very excited to have Cutler on their side. They haven’t had an established QB in a long time and as a whole, the city is thrilled.