Marshall Matters


In case you haven’t heard already, the NFL notified Brandon Marshall through his agent that the league has no intention of punishing him from his arrest on March 1st. This means that Brandon will not be fined or have to miss any regular season games in this year’s upcoming season.

One question has to be asked though. Would a suspension to a player that  has shown patterns of domestic disturbance really help him? The facts are clear, Marshall has trouble dealing with relationships in his life. He is not the only one and he will not be the last. Players get fined…players get suspended…but how can a player understand relationship issues when they spend more time at home with nothing to do but fight?

The league has to help its players understand the challenges of home life. It has to be a hard transition from knocking helmets together on the field to going home for a nice warm cup of tea. If that intensity is brought back home, there will be issues.

Whether it is anger management, relationship counseling, or just time to soul search, lets hope that Brandon Marshall gets the help that he needs and learns from his mistakes. Under the team’s new regime, there is little room for future mistakes. Marshall is a talented young man. He deserves a fair chance at life.