Elvis Dumervil Sounds Off


For those of you that don’t know, Elvis Dumervil blogs for the Denver Broncos team site. In his latest, he talks about how crazy the rookie year is in the NFL, the Combine, and the Kentucky Derby.

He says this about the Combine:

"“But speaking of the Combine — it’s good for some things, I think it should be accounted for, but it should be more 70 percent your film and 30 percent Combine. These days it’s the opposite — if you run a good 40, you’re going to get drafted in the first round. That’s why there’s so many busts out here — it’s not that these guys are busts, they just did exactly what they did in college.”"

Good point, Elvis! The Combine is to college players as the SAT/ACT is to high school students. It’s just a small predictor of who’s going to simply hang or who’s going to truly succeed at the next level. While it’s fun to see how many times a players can hoist 225lbs or how fast he can run the 40, I wouldn’t hang my hat on those stats. You would think Al Davis would learn that one of these years!

Anyway, Dumervil’s blog is pretty entertaining so give it a glance.