Josh McDaniels Talks About His Draft Picks


Josh McDaniels talked to ESPN radio after the draft. Here are some important quotes from the interview:

On Alphonso Smith still being avilable

"“Yeah, that’s right. We were one of those teams that thought if we were fortunate enough to have a chance to get him where we got him, we were going to take the opportunity to do that. In our minds, we had four first-round selections, you know, this year and next year, and where we had Alphonso graded, we felt like we got three of them this year.”"

On selecting Knowshon Moreno with the #12 pick

"“This guy, he’s multi-faceted: we feel like we got a three-down football player. I’m not sure that there’s too many backs that you take in the draft that you feel like can run the ball on first and second down, also be out there on third down, catch passes, pick up the blitz and block, and he can do all those things. And certainly won’t have to do them all early, we have a good group of backs that he’s joining and he’ll make that group more competitive.”"

To listen to the actual interview, click here, and select the link on the bottom of the page.