Kyle Orton Talks About Mark Sanchez Visit


Have a listen to Kyle Orton on the Dan Patrick show. He talks about Mark Sanchez visiting the Broncos saying,

"“That’s what I hear. This is the NFL and you’re always going to have competition, especially at this position. Whoever it is, we’re going to have three quarterbacks in here and whoever it is my mindset won’t change. I play this game to compete. I love the competition of it. You have to be self motivated and like I said it doesn’t matter who’s in here. I want to prepare as hard as I can and play the best football that I can” (Sports Radio Interviews)."

I do like Orton’s attitude. As I’ve said countless times before, I think he’ll do a fine job as the Broncos QB. With his offensive line and talented receivers, his “workhorse” attitude will be a nice fit in this system.