Broncos Draft Odds


A few NFL Draft odds courtesy of Bodog:

Who will be the twelfth player (Denver Broncos) selected in the NFL draft?

Mark Sanchez                                                               2/1

Tyson Jackson                                                              7/2

Chris Wells                                                                   4/1

Robert Ayers                                                                 9/2

Knowshon Moreno                                                         8/1

Who will be the last player drafted that is at the NFL draft (invited by the NFL)?

Michael Oher                                                                 Even

Josh Freeman                                                                9/5

Brian Cushing                                                                7/2

Brian Orakpo                                                                 12/1

Eugene Monroe                                                             20/1

Aaron Curry                                                                   30/1

Michael Crabtree                                                            30/1

Jason Smith                                                                  35/1

Matthew Stafford                                                            50/1

Will the Denver Broncos make a trade involving a first round draft pick?

Yes                                                                              +150

No                                                                                 -200