Mini-Camp Mojo


As Broncos mini-camp wrapped up last week, some interesting observations were made by Denver Post Blogger Lindsay Jones. Jones was in attendance for the last practice session and shared the difference in coaching styles between Mike Shanahan and Josh McDaniels.

"Mike Shanahan was known around the league for running quick, efficient practice — no standing around, no walking etc. But what Josh McDaniels has instituted here takes that to a whole other level. The fast pace of the practice was unbelievable. It might only be April, but it’s clear these practices are no joke. “He brings an energy to the practice field, and I think guys just feed off it,” new quarterback Kyle Orton said."

While some coaches succeed with a hand-offs approach Jones added that McDaniels is definitely hands-on.

"McDaniels is very hands on as a head coach, especially when it comes to his offense. Maybe it’s cause he’s fit and only 32 years old (turning 33 next week), but he’s right up in the huddle, and running around and basically participating in drills. In one drill with wide receivers, McDaniels was acting the part of a defensive back. Never really saw Shanahan throwing his body around much."

Finally, Jones said a funny moment happened in camp that made the team applause in response.

"Blame it on the cramped space at the bubble. The biggest collision of the day came midway through the practice when Orton connected with Jabar Gaffney on a long touchdown pass. Problem was, the pass went right to where the offensive linemen were working on their own drills, and Gaffney and the defensive back covering him crashed right into offensive line coach Rick Dennison. Dennison ended up on his back on the turf, though he popped right up, and received a round of applause from his linemen. Dennison, a former linebacker, has surely received much worse."

While the upcoming Draft will get much of the news right now, the early days of mini-camp can galvanize a team revealing its true identity. Lets hope that this team continues to work hard and make us proud.