Broncos A Big Player In The Draft


The draft is less than a week away, and the Broncos finished their first mini-camp. I’m hoping that since Josh McDaniels has seen how Kyle Orton and Chris Simms are competing for the job, he will forgo the idea of trading for a higher draft pick in order to draft Matthew Stafford. There’s no doubt that Stafford is a talented QB, but it would be foolish to waste two 1st round picks on a QB when we need to beef up our defense. I think our receivers and O-line will bring out the potential greatness that Orton and Simms may possess. I don’t care if their numbers are nowhere close to the numbers Jay Cutler had last year. What matters is that number in the win column and Orton has proven that he’s a winner. Cutler’s numbers will be forgotten in the near future all because the Broncos went 8-8.

Our most important needs that need to be addressed in the draft are at defensive tackle, defensive end, and outside linebacker. Anyone that wants to argue QB can go ahead and do so, but I’m willing to give Orton (or Simms) a chance before we forget about our defensive needs. Josh McDaniels is supposedly a quarterback’s best friend. It’s his offensive mindset that got him the job in Denver, and so I think we should see what he can do with a middle of the road QB.

In terms of an outside linebacker, I’d like the Broncos to consider the athletic, Aaron Maybin from Penn State. He’s similar to Brian Orakpo (likely to be taken before the Broncos have a chance to pick). At defensive end, I think Tyson Jackson (LSU) is the way to go if he’s still available. He can stop the run which is much needed at this time. At defensive tackle, B.J. Raji would be a great pick up, but it’s unlikely that he will drop to the 12th spot. Therefore, Peria Jerry (Ole Miss) would be a solid pick. Although his size isn’t impressive, he is good at stopping the run.

Sound off Broncos fans? Who should the Broncos draft in the 1st round?