What He Said


This week Broncos owner Pat Bowlen told the media that he was still relieved that the Jay Cutler saga is over and that the team can finally turn the page.

"“You want to look at the future, not worry about the past,” Bowlen said. “I’m always positive at this time of the year. I don’t want any other distractions. I just want to go ahead and play football.”"

Bowlen also addressed the critics of his new head coach by saying …

"“I just really like his approach. I really like what he learned in New England, what he’s brought to Colorado. I think we’re going to be very successful with Josh.”"

This week also saw Broncos legend Rod Smith get inducted into the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame. When Smith was asked what he heard from current Denver players on their new coach he added…

"“I’m getting great updates on how he is as a person, how detailed he is,” Smith said. “The structure is very important when you’re starting a brand new football team. You have to have a structure that’s second to none. That’s going to last for years.”"

While quotes don’t add up to wins in the NFL, the players seem to be working hard, willing to improve on their game, and will be earning their position on the team through competition. The last two seasons the Broncos had players that were playing for a paycheck rather than for each other. The new coaching staff will not retain players who are selfish or have questionable lifestyles. So while fans of the Broncos are still divided over our quarterback situation, the main point anyone should take home is that the players we have right now are going to play for the love of the game. They will play for each other. They will play for the city of Denver. The will play for the fans. Win or lose we will be proud of this team for their heart. You can quote me.