Don’t Quit Your Day Job


The recent opinions of what strategy Denver will take on Draft Day is enough to make anyone go crazy. I would not want to be in that war room having that kind of pressure on me at my job. Let’s face it…this draft is the biggest draft in franchise history. With a new chapter of Broncos football developing right before our eyes the question still remains…what will the team do at the draft?

One option is to package both draft picks to a team in exchange for a higher pick (probably top 5) in order to select USC QB Mark Sanchez. Football analysts have said that Sanchez would be the best fit for Coach McDaniels system. But will the team feel as though current QB Simms and Orton will do the job at least for this year? The one glaring detail is that the team still needs a 3rd string QB however…a spot that would be perfect for a rookie player to develop slowly.

Another option is to draft defense with both first round picks. It is obvious that the Broncos lacked a pass rush and run stoppers last season. Plus the 3-4 defense is still not ready for the team to run until a nose takle is in place with 3-4 experience. Don’t be surpized if Denver returns to a 4-3 defense if the personal is not right for anything else.

Finally, there seems to be rumors still swirling around that Browns QB Brady Quinn could still be an option. Opinions vary as to what Quinn would be worth. However, one of Denver’s first round picks could be close to market value. The Quinn factor is strong from the connection to Charlie Weiss and the New England coaching tree. It could be a hard sell though.

Hopefully as the draft gets closer the team plan gets clearer. This year is going to be an exciting draft for Broncos fans simply because there are so many options to take. The possibilities are endless which could lead to some draft day shuffling.