Pre Draft Broncos Links


Chris Simms finally has a reason to smile.

Jay Cutler apologizes to the little Broncos fans.

– Bronco Talk sees similarities between Peyton Hillis and Kevin Faulk (New England), and compares the two.

– Don’t worry. Tony Scheffler will report to camp on April 17th despite working out with the Nuggets trainer instead of the trainers at Dove Valley.  

Jack Elway, son of John, will leave the football program at Arizona State. He will remain at the school to finish his degree.

Kyle Orton spoke to the Denver media yesterday. Based on his interview, I guarantee he’ll never compare his arm to Elway’s.

– Ever wonder what it’s like to be a team’s #1 draft pick? Well, the Broncos are willing to let you find out.

– Get Stefan Fatsis’ opinion on the Cutler ordeal. Remember, Fatsis is the author that spent the summer with the Broncos as a place kicker.

– Can Josh McDaniels and GM Brian Xanders prove their worth in the draft?