Jay Cutler Speaks About Being A Bear


Ok I want to put this puppy to bed, but I just heard this interview on ESPN Radio. The podcast has Bears’ GM, Jerry Angelo, speaking about the process of acquiring Jay Cutler. Then Jay Cutler comes on the show (at the 9:50 mark). One of Cutler’s quotes from the interview:

"“I think there’s some things out there that are inaccurate on my end and the Broncos end.  We’re not going to go back and forth with this.  It’s done and over with…a trade’s made and I’m just happy to be a Bear” (Sports Radio Interviews)."

Have a listen to the interview.

Cutler’s ego is back to being stroked, and he seems to think he can do great things with the Bears’ young talent. I guarantee he’ll miss Denver’s offensive line and receivers. There’s been enough talk surrounding this thing, so the only thing we can do is wait for the season to start to see who got the better end of the deal.