Josh McDaniels Interview


I saw this sign right off of the 16th street mall in downtown Denver in an apparel store. Many people are feeling that way around the city, and it seems that no matter what Josh McDaniels says, he cannot comfort fans. Well, this interview from FM Sports Radio 104.3 The Fan may help calm some nerves. Listen to the interview. You’ll see that he sounds a lot like Bill Belichick. One quote from the interview:

"When asked why was there such a rush with the 10 day window in the off-season:“If the owner of the franchise wants to speak with somebody I think that is something that should be able to be accomplished at any point of time during course of  the year.  I think by not responding and not communicating that really just showed Pat (Bowlen) where his intentions were.  We communicated with his agent and it was very clear that that was it.  He had basically crossed that bridge and he wasn’t intending to come back here and had no desire to play for the Broncos and  for Pat.”"

H/T: Sports Radio