It’s Official: Jay Cutler Trade Request Granted


This is just one big April Fool’s Day gag, right? Actually, I knew this was coming. I didn’t need Stuart Scott or Jim Rome to tell me today. I’m sure anyone  up to date on “McJaygate” had at least a gut feeling that Jay Cutler would not take the field again in a Broncos uniform. The situation didn’ t really need to drag on this long. Pat Bowlen finally made the call yesterday evening to grant Cutler’s trade request after having enough of his immature behavior.

As for what will happen to Cutler, I really don’t know. I’m sure his trade value has gone down quite a bit after showing his immaturity in this situation. Any team will be lucky to have him, and will most likely become a Super Bowl contender in the near future if not next season. In Denver, many fans will place blame on Cutler while others will blame Bowlen and Josh McDaniels. In my eyes, both sides are to blame for their immaturity and lack of professionalism. Both sides wanted good things to happen in Denver next season, so why couldn’t they just come together and work it out? Every organization (athletic and business) has relationship problems. It comes with the territory. Had Cutler and McD played through a season together, maybe we would’ve seen that it would’ve never worked. But at least they would’ve given it a shot. Now, that opportunity is lost and the Broncos will suffer because of it.

As for what will happen to the Broncos, they may have just become the worst team in the AFC West. One guy doesn’t make a team, but when you take away a 25 year old Pro Bowl QB, add a bunch of veterans (many say are “washed up”), insert a 32 year old assistant from New England (Belichick assistant coaches have not had success in head coaching positions), and keep your front 7 from last year on the defensive line, that knocks you from an 8-8 team to a 4-12 team. At this point, I’m not looking forward to the season. I wish I could say otherwise, but this organization has got to get it together quickly. The ship is sinking and we’re far away from shore. Who’s going to be our life preserver? Brady Quinn? Jason Campbell? Matthew Stafford? That answer will come soon, but I don’t think it’ll be enough to save the ship.