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Cutler Chronicles: One Side Willing To Move Forward


Josh McDaniels came out and said Jay Cutler is the Broncos QB in an interview yesterday. He said,

"“He’s our quarterback. We can’t predict the future. He’s our quarterback. We want him to be our quarterback.” (Denver Post)"

Question is: Is it too late? Did McD already put too big of a dent into their relationship, or will Cutler come around, take his Denver homes off the market, and stick with the team he started with? In this week’s issue of Sports Illustrated, Peter King writes about how the Cutler-McD bond could be a hard one to mend. A couple of interesting quotes to take note of from the article:

From Josh McDaniels:

"“We haven’t answered one phone call all week from teams trying to get Jay, and we’re not going to. We’ve gotten a million. To pull the trigger on [a trade] when I know there’s a way this could work would be ridiculous.”"

That’s reassuring, but this quote from friends of Cutler doesn’t give me much hope.

"“Friends of Culter’s say that if he believes in someone, he’ll run through a wall for him; they say if Cutler thinks he’s been wronged, he’ll never forgive. Or forget.”"

I still don’t have much hope for Cutler being our QB, but I guess we’ll find out on April 17th – the first day of mandatory mini-camp.