Get It Together, McDaniels


Upper management is finally showing signs of clear thinking. They’re not entertaining the idea of a Jay Cutler trade (yet!). They’re letting everyone cool off in hopes that Cutler will contact the organization to work things out. If that doesn’t happen then the Broncos will start looking elsewhere for a QB. There’s been a lot of talk about how irresponsible owner Pat Bowlen has been since the end of the season. After firing Shanahan which may or may not be a good thing, the owner hired 32-year-old Josh McDaniels. He pretty much let McD take control of everything since he stepped off the plane in Denver. He made his coaching staff hires, (including his brother, Ben, as an offensive assistant. What?!?) and moves in free agency (bringing in three former Patriots).

McD is clearly trying to make Denver home by bringing in the familiar. He tried to do it once again by pushing Cutler out the door to make room for Matt Cassel. Guess what, McD. People move all the time. They need to adjust to new positions in different cities, and most of this country doesn’t have the pull to bring former colleagues/family members with them. Stop trying to make this New England. It won’t work! Get your act together because you have a lot to prove in this city. Your resume means nothing once you get the job. Now it’s time to get to work and show us why Pat Bowlen hired you in the first place. Make an effort with Cutler. Tell him he’s your man so he doesn’t want to leave this team. You owe it to your new team and your new city.