Broncos Are Planning Their Moves


Big changes are coming for the Broncos and it all begins this week. Thursday at 10:01 p.m. to be exact – when the free agency signing period begins. With the release of Dre Bly, the team is now forced to sign a big corner either through the draft or free agency. They are considering Ronald Bartell from St. Louis and Bryant McFadden from Pittsburgh. Both guys are significantly younger than Bly, and Bartell finished the season with 3 INTs while McFadden finished with 2 INTs. With one of those guys working opposite Champ, I think good things would come. If McDaniels and Co. are able to establish the personnel for a good pass rush, then things will be even better for our corners. 

It’s hard to trust that the moves the team makes in coming weeks will result in an immediate improvement. To be honest, I think it’s going to be at least three years before the Broncos will be legitimate Super Bowl contenders. You may say, “Wow Kim, that’s a stretch!” I really don’t believe it is. We have a lot of young talent on offense (coach included) that needs time to mature and become comfortable in a well established system. The defense’s abilities are going to be up in the air, but I believe in Mike Nolan as a coordinator, and Brian Xanders’ ability to bring key defensive players aboard. These guys want the winning tradition to continue in Denver just as much as the fans do. The city has been ready for a major overhaul for quite some time and now we finally have some guys in management that are ready to pull the trigger. The Broncos will be a feared competitor in due time.