Broncos Raise Unemployment Rate


Sorry for the lack of material lately, but I was in my hometown doing some serious snowboarding. I had to leave Colorado and go to Utah to find real powder. Go figure! Anyway, I have returned only to find missing spots on the Broncos roster. Lots of missing spots. Like a dog hacking up a hairball, the Broncos hacked up the useless players that they swallowed last season. Players like DeWayne Robertson and Niko Koutouvides were let go after the team thought they would make an impact last year. Turns out that when the local news reported their release, they could only show clips of the players from training camp because neither one of them saw much regular season action.  

Tight end Nate Jackson was released along with Marquand Manuel, John Engelberger and Jamie Winborn. These are guys that had significant playing time last season. Josh McDaniels and new general manager Brian Xanders mean serious business, and I’m sure more surprising roster moves will be made over the next few months. The only jerseys I would be buying this time of year are Cutler, Marshall, and Bailey jerseys. Turns out the job loss in Bronco land may resemble that of the city of Detroit. 

As for what moves the Broncos should make in the off season, many of you have chimed in. Roger says,

"“First they have to get solid players for a 3-4 defense.  I believe Doom and Moss can play OLB and Marcus thomas, tim croweder (gain 10-25lbs) and Kenny Peterson can play DE in the 3-4 alignment.  Pick up Dwan Edward and Gabe Watson for the NT, their not superstars but could fill in for the transition year.  I would also sign Chaning crowder for one of the MLB spots and have DJ williams for the other ILB.  I would move Champ Bailey to FS and play him in the mold of Ed Reed.  I know this seems crazy but teams just play one side when he is at CB, this way they couldn’t identify where he would be, plus he is great tackler and last line of defense and Josh Barret could be the big hitting FS.  Then I would sign the CB just cut from detroit, he looked good before going to detroit which can make anyone look bad.  I believe these moves would allow us to put a respectable 3-4 defense on the field and would allow us to draft the best defense of player available in the draft in every round to obtain further improvements.”"

Jimmy says,

"“Love the idea of moving Champ to Safety.  I definitely think he would change the passing game against the Broncos, and he would make the saving tackle at least 75% of those long TD runs that we have given up the last few years.  I wish we could have drafted Taylor Mays (hopefully we won’t be bad enough to draft him next year), but I hope we get his teammate in the first round.  Did you see Fred Taylor got cut today (2/16)?  He would be a sweeeet fit in the Broncos running attack.  A lot in the same style as “I AM” Clinton Portis, but he has a few years on Clinton.”"

What do you think about what Roger and Jimmy have to say? Do you agree that the Broncos would be better off in the 3-4?