Favre retired today. Again...."/> Favre retired today. Again...."/> Favre retired today. Again...."/>

Did Brett Favre Talk To A-Rod?


Brett Favre retired today. Again. Two retirement announcements in a less than a year. This one is of course less dramatic. I’m sure that’s because no one is sure how true this announcement is. Will he come back again once training camp starts or will he finally retire to that rocking chair that overlooks his farm?

 Tributes were given last year. Packers fans, while they still have respect for the guy, have moved on to Aaron Rodgers. New York has bigger, almost steroid like issues to deal with right now. Ahem, A-Rod. Wait! Maybe A-Rod looked to Favre to get some of the New York media off his back. I can see it now. A-Rod probably said, “Brett, my man. Help! Make another retirement announcement, so I can get a little breathing room. No one will be too surprised when you come back to Jets’ training camp in August.”

In all seriousness, I give Favre a lot of credit. He had a great season and he is still leaving at the top of his game. It may have not been the picture perfect image of Favre walking off Lambeau Field for the final time, but storybook endings don’t always happen in sports. Take for instance, some guys that walked or will walk away from the NFL well past their prime. Guys like Emmitt Smith, Shaun Alexander, and maybe LaDanian Tomlinson??? Then, there’s the other side of the coin. The guys that walked away at just the right time. The John Elways, Roger Staubachs, Barry Sanders’s, Jim Browns. Favre will be remembered along the same lines as those guys. Not a bad way to go out!