Broncos Done After San Diego Slaughter

By Editorial Staff

It’s over just like that. There’s nothing I (or anybody else) can do about it. The Broncos season officially ended with a 52-21 thumping from the Chargers. If you’re calling it Hochuli Karma, or a defenseless tragedy, you would be right. If you’re calling your team the Donkeys, that’s fine too. They deserve it.  

Watching yesterday’s game was about as much fun as driving a nail through an infected toenail with a sledge hammer. The Broncos didn’t deserve a playoff spot. Maybe we should have realized that when they lost to the Chiefs in September, or the Raiders in November. Maybe we should have realized it when they got a beat down from the Patriots in October, and from the Panthers in December. Pick any month out of the season, and the Broncos hit rock bottom. They did it on national television, they did in front of their own fans, and they did it in front of fans around the league.

The team never saw anything but first place until last night when the Chargers exposed the Broncos defense for what it was all season: A facade. Just in case anybody in the front office forgot about what a terrible defense we have, the Broncos may have done themselves a favor by letting the Chargers score 52 points in the final game of the season. The defense will once again be torn apart in the off season to get to the root of the problem. Certain coaches/players from this unit need to take the walk of shame on out of Invesco. Hopefully they will sign with the Chargers, Chiefs, or Raiders.

The offense obviously needs time to mature and heal. The pieces are in place for a Super Bowl caliber offense to develop. Now, the Broncos front office needs to focus their reconstruction efforts on the defense. As crazy as this sounds, it may be a blessing in disguise that the Broncos didn’t make it to the playoffs. It may give them more of a sense of urgency to make big off season moves in free agency and in the draft.

For now, I’ll fold up my Cutler jersey, let it sit in the bottom of my dresser, and watch what’s left of the NFL season. As the flowers begin to bloom again, I’ll open up the drawer, make sure the jersey is still there, and listen to the sounds of those beautiful spring-like off season moves.

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