Broncos V. Bills Preview

By Editorial Staff

It’s a good thing the Broncos drew the Bills late in the season. The Bills started off 4-0 before going 2-8 in their next 10 games. The Broncos are serious about reaching the playoffs, and they want their final game of the regular season in San Diego to be meaningless. Thus, they must win at home this weekend. The Broncos insist that they don’t need a San Diego loss this week to make the postseason. Let’s hope not or else there’s little reason to believe the Broncos would win their first playoff game. The Bills come in after losing to the Jets last week in the final minutes of the game, and they have lost the last five meetings against the Broncos. My Prediction: Broncos 26 Bills 17. 


Broncos – The Broncos are 6-0 when they post an even or positive turnover ratio this season. Translation: The Broncos cannot lose the turnover battle against the Bills. Jay Cutler is a rollercoaster ride when it comes to turnovers, and it doesn’t help when the running attack belly flops. Selvin Young, Tatum Bell, and P.J. Pope will be handling the carries on Sunday, but none of them are between the tackle runners. Damn, I miss Peyton Hillis already. The one thing that worries me is the condition of the offensive line. Ryan Clady (twisted ankle) and Chris Kuper (broken hand) are questionable for Sunday. Should the Broncos win, it would be nice to get the injured guys some rest next week when the team goes into San Diego.                  

Bills- Trent Edwards is returning to the Bills lineup after missing two weeks with a strained groin. The Bills are averaging almost 22 points per game, but they allow other teams to score just as much. Marshawn Lynch is the real deal, and has three 100 yard rushing games in the past five games. Lee Evans is right behind Tony Gonzalez and Vincent Jackson in receiving yards, but he has fumbled the ball a couple of times this season. Josh Reed is another big threat down field, and with Marshawn Lynch in the back field, the Broncos defense has their work cut out for them. Earlier this season, the Bills racked up 54 points on the Chiefs showing that their offense is capable of being one of the bests in the league when it’s clicking.      


Broncos – Champ Bailey’s return is still questionable, but it would be nice to have him in the secondary. Last week, the Broncos tried their 4-4 defensive scheme to stop Smash and Dash, but that left Steve Smith open down field to easily rack up 165 receiving yards. If Champ was back there, that wouldn’t have happened. In fact, the three defensive backs led the team in tackles last week which shows just how much the Panthers receivers were catching the ball, and how easily the Panthers backs were breaking through the defensive line. A major adjustment is needed this week, and hopefully they go back to the 4-3. Evans and Reed are just too deadly not to. With that said, the Broncos absolutely need to pressure Trent Edwards. He’s prone to throw interceptions when he’s pressured, and he has 4 fumbles this season.    

Bills – The Bills defense is mediocre. Paul Posluszny leads the team in tackles, and Jabari Greer and Leodis McKelvin have combined for 4 INTs, and 3 returned touchdowns from those picks. Who’s in favor of the Broncos offense getting some tackling practice in this week? I am. Ryan Denney leads the team in sacks with 4.0 proving that the Broncos offensive line has definitely seen bigger threats in pursuit of Cutler. The Bills rush defense is 19th while their pass defense is 11th in the league. Their defense does rank in the top 10 when it comes to third down and red-zone efficiency. .                 


Special Teams  

Broncos – Eddie Royal has said this week that he wants to become more effective on special teams. He had a 95 yard return during one game this season, but feels that he should be doing more. Matt Prater continues to be hit or miss (mostly miss) from 40-49 yards out. The kickoff coverage unit  has quite the task in front of them, and they could play a major role in the Broncos outcome.  

Bills– This special teams unit is one of the best in the league. Roscoe Parrish is deadly on the return unit, and last week ran it back 56 yards to set up a Bills touchdown. They are confident in their special teams. Last week, they faked a punt on their first possession to get the first down, which eventually led to a field goal.


Broncos – Mike Shanahan needs his team to win THIS week. He’s said that his players will not be watching the outcome of the San Diego-Tampa Bay game. He wants his team to focus on what they are doing, not what they can’t control. His play calling should be top notch especially after last week’s disappointing offensive performance.    

Bills – Dick Jauron’s play calling has been questionable especially after losing to the Jets last week. Jauron called a pass play on 2nd and 5 late in the game when the Bills were in deep in their own territory. J.P. Lossman fumbled and the Jets scored on that play to win the game.