Sweet, Sweet Revenge

By Editorial Staff

The Broncos finally won a game that they were supposed to win at home. They got revenge on a team that they were supposed to beat the last time. Dare I say it? The Broncos are so close to clinching the AFC West that they can almost reach out and touch the playoffs. 

I’ll admit that I was very nervous during the first half of yesterday’s game. With the Chiefs up 10-0 in the first quarter, I was having flash backs to week 4. Serious symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder came over me until Peyton Hillis ran for the first Broncos touchdown of the game. I took a deep breath, and before I could exhale, Tony Gonzalez caught a TD pass to put the Chiefs up 17-7. I sat there in disbelief. Then, Brandon Marshall kicked it into high gear and finished the game with 91 yards and 2 TDs. As the Broncos took the lead in the fourth, some Chiefs’ fan in my row declared to all of section 111 “They’re my team, but I fu**ing hate them!” There’s no better statement to describe what Chiefs fans have been put through this season. When they actually have a lead, they can’t seem to hold onto it in the fourth quarter. Thank goodness for that fault or else the Broncos could have easily lost yesterday’s game.

The team won yesterday, but they sustained yet another injury to the already fragile running game. Peyton Hillis left the game due to a strained hamstring after racking up 58 yards and a TD. Hillis caught an incredible pass and landed awkwardly. The stadium fell quiet as he laid on the turf, and everyone wondered how the offense would perform without him. Tatum Bell replaced him and had 11 carries for 52 yards. Don’t you just love shopping at the mall? The Broncos actually controlled the clock for most of the game by throwing the Chiefs’ defense off balance with a nice ratio of pass plays to run plays to pick up first downs. Throw in some big defensive stops like they had yesterday, and it almost looks like the Broncos could do some damage in the playoffs.

Next week is a tough test against a very talented Carolina team. The Broncos will need to rest up, and mentally prepare for the road game the same way they did against the Jets, Falcons, and the Browns.