Stack The Cards Against ‘Em

By Editorial Staff

Make the Broncos go on the road. Make them play the top team in the AFC East, one of the best divisions in the league. Throw some bad weather in there, and a lingering injury bug, and what do the Broncos do? They beat the Jets by 17, put 34 points on the board, get a defensive score, and go up 3 games in the AFC West. Where was that last week against the Raiders? I wouldn’t mind if the Broncos played on the road for the rest of the season. Stick them on airplanes until February a la the New York Giants. I don’t want to see them back here in Denver. Period.

I had to listen to most of today’s game on the radio during my 12 hour car ride. To be honest, I was dreading the long ride because I thought I was going to have to listen to the Broncos turn the ball over, give up long touchdown passes, and let the Jets’ running backs plow through their defense. Instead the Broncos put an end to the Jets’ 5 game winning streak by holding onto the ball for the most part, throwing for 357 yards, and getting their own running game going. Credit the defense for getting the game off to the right start. Vernon Fox recovered a fumble, and ran it into the end-zone. Dre Bly had an interception, and the defense stopped the Jets at the right times. The Jets converted on 3rd down 3 of 11 times while all 3 of their fourth down plays failed to result in an extra set of downs. Pat the Broncos offensive line on the back once again as they kept Jay Cutler’s jersey nice and white by not allowing a single sack.

Like I’ve said all year, I never know which Broncos team will show up to play. It’s sort of like going on a blind date each week. You either want to stick around for more, or run home because your date is a dud. The Broncos have been spectacular and duds multiple times this season, but they’re not my blind date. I’ve got a long term relationship with them, and like any good relationship, you have to take the good with the bad.