Broncos Have Been Living In A Dream


Are the Broncos dreaming right now? Are things so good for the team that they expect to wake up with a different reality?  

The Broncos came home to happy fans after winning two consecutive road games. They return to Invesco to play one of the worst teams in the league (Oakland). They’ve got their offense clicking again, and their defense has improved dramatically since losing Boss and Champ Bailey, D.J. Williams, and Nate Webster to injury. What the hell? The Chargers have fallen two games behind the Broncos for first place in the AFC West. The Broncos rookie class is arguably one of the best in the league, and Jay Cutler is the #9 player overall in early Pro Bowl voting. Diabetes aint a bitch. 

What an up and down year for a team that was expected to finish well behind San Diego in the AFC West. The Broncos have allowed more points than they’ve scored, and turnovers have played a big part in that. After winning their first three games, and then losing to Kansas City, the season started to feel like a dream. Then, they pulled out a tough win against Tampa Bay only to lose the next three in an embarrassing fashion. Follow that up with two consecutive wins on the road, and this team is more up and down than a bipolar Brittany Spears.

Before these last two weeks, I never knew which team would show up to play come game time. Would it consist of an offense that hands the ball over multiple times per game, and a defense that misses tackles and allows big third down conversions? Or, would the team rack up over 500 yards of total offense and hold an opposing team to 13 points. Looking at the Broncos today, however, I see a little more all around consistency in the team’s play. Maybe going on the road helps them focus. Maybe the young players are trying to prove themselves. Maybe this team is actually very good, and the rest of the league has failed to notice.

The next six games will help explain it all, and recognition or not, this team is playoff bound!