The Broncos Do Halloween

By Editorial Staff

I am going to do the Broncos a favor and give them some ideas for Halloween costumes:

Jay Cutler as Philip Rivers – This one is easy. Carry around a blanket and a pacifier. Sprinkle some tear drops in your eyes, and talk about the Chargers Super Bowl dreams. 

Tony Scheffler as a Sunburned Tourist – He’s been on vacation for way too long. Ok, I know he was hurt, but he’s had plenty of time off. Wear a Hawaiian shirt, bermuda shorts, and put a camera around your neck. Use makeup to make your face red. 

Brandon Marshall as a Wheaties box – He’s the star of the team and needs his face on the front of the “Champion’s” cereal box. Paint a cardboard box like the cover of a Wheaties box and cut holes for your arms and face. 

Brandon Stokley as a Brian Transplant Recipient – With all of the concussions Stokley has had throughout his career, this one is perfect. Wear a hospital gown, bandages around your head, and carry around a cauliflower in a clear container.

Travis Henry as a Waste of Time – He can attach watches to his belt because that’s exactly what he was for the Broncos…A waste of time! 

Matt Prater as a Jason Elam Bobblehead – He can wear a Falcons jersey and when someone asks him who he is, he can start wobbling his head around.

Mike Shanahan as a Blind Referee – Referees have been responsible for some of the Broncos wins. Shanahan should pay tribute by carrying a can, wearing dark glasses, and a referee’s shirt.

Andre Hall as a New England Doormat – with two fumbles on two carries against the Pats, this costume fits. Wear all black clothes, and iron on “WELCOME” across your chest. Throw mud on yourself and attach the Boston Globe to your shoulder. Add a house key to your back for style points.  

Champ and Boss Bailey as Mario and Luigi – the Bailey brothers can wear overalls with Boss sporting a red shirt and Champ with a green one. Find curly fake mustaches.

The Defense as a Fire Hydrant – wear a red shirt with a stuffed dog attached to your leg (with it’s leg lifted, obviously)!